In comes Trump, the US have farted
All common sense has departed,
But do not fear, it’s not too late
Get on the street, preach love, not hate.
Let’s find these fools who voted badly
We’ll sit them down and tell them sadly,
“You’re misinformed, you have no clue.”
“Don’t you understand what this man could do?”

He is a bigoted, racist, sexist liar.
He is a climate change denier
His moral compass is more than broke
His political credentials are a joke
You were suckered in by this narcissist
You were too stupid to resist
Or maybe some of you have had it tough
Maybe it was time to say enough

So Trump’s a dick, that’s very clear
He’s a complete buffoon with no idea,
But can this shock create.some good
Perhaps some voters think it could.

Things have been getting worse out there.
The politicians don’t seem to care.
The one’s that do are mocked and jeered.
The honest ones are considered weird.
Maybe now they will finally see
The power of humanity.
There is no doubt, no single trace
That Trump with be a complete disgrace.

His term may end with bloody hands
But if we survive and the world still stands
I hope with my mind and with my heart
That we’ll have a chance for a brand new start.
With a new breed of responsible leaders
Who aren’t a load of media feeders.
Who have values, morals and integrity,
Who will rise above mediocrity.

They will work for us all and they must
Be new leaders who we all can trust


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